Monday, February 26, 2007

Solar Eclipse

28 years ago today, Frank and I were in the Lean Mean Martian Machine rocketing down the Columbia River Gorge towards the distant band of clear sky, racing time and weather to get to the clear sky in time to watch the Solar Eclipse. We finally got the sun into the clear just as we found the friends we were looking for set up on the side of the road on the north side of the river near the turnoff to Goldendale and were able to watch the solar eclipse happen in the skies overhead. What a great trip we had that day! I need to dig up some of our pictures from that trip - the Ghia was only 9 years old then and served us well on that trip from Tucson to Washington state and back!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Alexanders Karmann Ghia Restoration

Alexanders Karmann Ghia Restoration is an interesting link with lots of pictures of a Ghia restoration project. It's interesting to see a Ghia all the way down to its parts like this (Almost reminds me of John Muir's book and his funny cartoons). The photo above shows the separation of the chassis from the drive train. Boy would that make working on the engine a lot easier!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Need Karmann Ghia parts?

I found this excellent source online for parts for Karmann Ghias. It's a place called "Karmann Ghia Parts & Restoration" in Ventura California. Looks to me like you could build an entire Ghia from scratch using parts ordered from here! I hope we don't need to go quite that far.....