Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Mean Green Martian Machine

I own a 1971 Karmann Ghia which I inherited from my good friend Frank. I first met the ol' gal in August 1978 when Frank drove the car from North Carolina to Arizona and both being Astronomy majors became fast friends. He often called it the "Mean Green Martian Machine" and Frank's CB call sign was "Martian Man". It was a car with lots of getup and go, especially with Frank at the wheel. I've been driving it since about 1985, so I've had it now considerably longer than he did. Unfortunately, time has taken its toll and it has deteriortated considerably. It still runs (though needs a starter motor at the moment to get it back on the road), but has seen better days.

This blog is intended to draw interest in this car and to promote its restoration to something closer to its original condition. Future entries will highlight its current condition and needs and any repairs and restoration work and any other thoughts about owning a 35 year old car.

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